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Inspired by the Revolutionary Wedge Used by Gene Sarazen To Win The 1932 British Open. This Completely-New, Super-Loft Wedge Allows You To Hit Towering High Flop Shots That Land Inches From The Hole -Without Ever Having To Open Your Clubface Or Worry About Blading It Again...

The Built-In AirX Technology Was Engineered With An Over-Sized Face That Will Have Your Ball Floating Up Effortlessly Using a Simple Square Chipping Motion, Straight back and Straight Through Allowing You To Hit High Flop Shots Like Phil Mickelson...

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Before his death in 1999...

Golf legend Gene Sarazen confessed to a dear friend Jenson...

Exactly how he built the wedge that he used to reinvent his short-game and go on to win the 1932 British open.

Sarazen would watch the way birds land on the water and the exact angles they would put their feet to skip across the water.

He then took the Niblick and soldered lead on the trailing edge like a rudder.

He credited this brainstorm to riding in billionaire and oil tycoon Howard Hughes's private plane.

Sarazen said, “It was from watching the way an airplane wing functions”

If you know anything about aerodynamics the way an airplane wing functions, it doesn’t make any sense.

Sarazen noticed the tail adjusting during the takeoff and came upon the wedge idea -but this kicked off a brainstorming session that took Sarazen into the discovery of his life.

Spring 1932 -- and determined to fix his bunker play...

Sarazen pulled a workbench down into a bunker at his local club in Orlando, Florida.

He took the then famous Niblick design with him into the bunker.

Determined to fix his short game once and for all.

The question likely in his mind...

"How could I model the Howards airplane wing design to get gliding aerodynamic performance through the sand and you get in the air".

He started adding solder to the back of the sole of the wedge.

Hitting shot after shot.

At one point buying the entire stock of solder of the local hardware store...

Sarzenadded solder to the back of the Wedge sole until it modeled Howard's airplane wing...

''I went up with Billionaire Howard Hughes in his airplane, and he told me, ' Gene, pull back on that stick,'' 'Sarazen said...

“And it flashed into my mind that some weight on the back of a Niblick could make a club and a ball bounce out of the sand the same way that plane bounced into the air."

Influenced by the airfoil on the wing of an airplane.

Sarazen saw how the same addition of added angle and bulk to the bottom of a lofted club would cause compression against the turf and sand.

This compression forced a mini-explosion upward and would pop the ball out and up of the fluffy sand and turf.

“The ball popped directly up in the air”

Sarazen noticed that lowering the wing flaps caused an airplane's nose to rise.

Applying the same principle to a golf club, he figured a bigger flange was key to getting the ball airborne faster out of the sand.

Sarazen adjusting the angle of the sole 10 degrees from level with the ground and what happened next shocked him.

The ball perfectly lifted up in the air time after time.

And Gene was never known for his short game- as he struggled for years.

The wedge was so good he tried to hide it from his playing partners.

In the 1932 British open….

Everything changed and Gene's new little invention was put to the test.

One of the best short game performances of his life came that week.

After changing his wedge, he won the 1932 British Open.

And the cat eventually got out of the bag.

As he stood holding the 1932 British open trophy in front of thousands of fans.

His short game held him back for years but not after the newfound wedge design.

And everything changed from that day forward…

How many times have you stood over a shot near the green that you absolutely KNOW you need to hit a high and soft lob shot?

You know the ones I’m talking about. Not much green to work with, you need to carry it over a bunker or other trouble…

BUT you just can’t bring yourself to try to hit a flop.


Too much scar tissue! You’ve hit SO many blades or chunks when you attempted a flop that you’ve just given up and don’t even try anymore.

You take your medicine, hit a chip that runs long, or get cute and leave it short of the green in trouble.

Or do you putt from off the green even try to run it through rough or a bunker?

Or even worse, you do get up your courage and try that little flop and…

It goes screaming over the green or you hit it fat into the bunker.

It is so embarrassing!

So do you need to change the way you swing on those shots?

The pros pick the wedge up and cut across the ball.

They have practiced hitting those flop shots for hundreds -- even thousands -- of hours and are blessed with world-class hand-eye skills.

Fast forward 100 years and the traditional wedge is 50 pct smaller with a narrow sole that digs and now you are supposed to open the face- aim left and pray?

So what can you do? Give up?

Now, finally, a solution is here. And guess what?

You don’t even have to learn a new swing!!

Introducing the Hummingbird Air X degree wedge.

Yup, 70 , 58 and 64 degrees, but that just a small part of the story.

The Hummingbird has been conceived and designed to make it simple and easy for EVERY golfer to flop it like Phil!

Without EVER opening the face, you just use your normal chipping motion, straight back and straight through and ball effortlessly floats up high and soft with more spin than you can believe.

Imagine having such control you can attack ANY pin and have the confidence to pull off the flop shot because you finally have a club that MAKES IT EASY!

When you have the Hummingbird, you’ll never be embarrassed putting from off the green, you won't have to guess with a bump and runs, you won’t fear a lob shot ever again!

With its AirX sole, the Hummingbird is a completely new category of wedge.

The AirX sole glides through any rough or even tight lies by compressing against the ground using its bounce and sending your ball up in the air with your normal chipping motion.

The Anti-dig lie angle is more upright like a putter. This helps you avoid digging which is the cause of fat and chunked shots.

It encourages a vertical straight back and straight through swing…

The same swing you already use on your chips!

There's no difficult, hard-to-learn, and hard to execute outside-in flop shot swing with a narrow sole.

Just use a simple straight-back, straight-through chipping motion!

The AirX sole is engineered with grooves allowing it to beautifully glide through grass, rough and even sand.

And with the Hummingbird’s super-forgiving, oversized face and sweet spot even your mishits will fly high, land softly with spin and save you at least 3 strokes per round the very first time you play with it!

Just do the math... How many times do you get up and down now??

Fly it straight to the pin and never putt from off the green again

Phil Mickelson has one of the best short games on the planet and he "Air" attacks the pin.

He’s known for his flop shots that are deadly accurate.

Flying it to the pin takes all of the tricky guesswork out of the short game.

Simplify your short game by flying it right to the pin and stopping it on a dime.

The traditional wedge is wrecking your short game and your confidence

You’ve been doing it backwards!

Opening the face of the traditional wedge doubles the effective bounce -- manipulates the loft -- automatically causing blade shots that end up in another zip code.

Never hit it in the teeth again…

Sound Familiar?

  • Forced to bump and runs because you can rely on the high lofted shot
  • Putting from off the green trying when you should be hitting a high lob shot in
  • Chunking it with your thin low loft wedge it as your buddies watch from the edge of the green
  • Blading it 20 yards over the green as you attempt the flop/lob shot once a round
  • Playing on fairways and bunkers that aren’t perfectly manicured?

"A Ground-breaking Wedge design for the amateur golfer

The lob shot is almost impossible to hit consistently for 90 percent of my students. This is the first wedge I have seen that has the lob shot built right in and is super easy to use—it's kinda hard to mess this up. The face is oversized - you never have to open the face - aim left and make a giant swing to get the ball high in the air. My students are able to fly in right to the pin and stop those chunks and bladed pitch shots that cause so much frustration.

Oh... It’s great out of the bunkers too!"

-- Todd Kolb - US Golf TV - Minnesota PGA Teacher of the Year

Imagine having a Superloft wedge that you can take all of the guesswork out of your short game…

Fly it straight to the pin and never have to rely on the tricky bump and runs or putting from off of the green hoping to bounce it up there close.

It’s time to throw your Texas Wedge in the trash….

The bump and run shot is so unreliable because it’s hard to judge the distance.

6-7-8 irons are not designed to chip it around the green- golfers are doing it backwards because they don't have the right equipment.

Phil could bump and run everything but he knows that if he flies it to the hole –- he's in control and it's much easier to take the guesswork out, plus -- a lot more fun.

There is a reason he is the best short game player in the world.

Is he known for the bump and run or the high flop shot?

There’s a reason all of the pros try to model him.

You would never bump and run or putt the ball from off the green if you had confidence in your traditional wedge.

The truth is –your wedge was never designed to open the face.

You are doing it dead wrong and it’s not your fault

All wedges are designed to sit on the ground square and once you open the face it doubles the amount of bounce.

Causing blade shots that rocket over the green.


Fat shots that go 4 feet in front of you.

Big Manufacturers don’t design super lofted wedges because the pros don’t need them, but you do.

They have the hands of a skilled surgeon and 100 hours to practice a week – plus they play on Augusta National-like fairways every day of their life.

Thin fairways and tight lies make it almost possible for the weekend warrior golf to hit the high flop or lob shots to the pin.

When you open a traditional wedge, you are doubling the effective loft and its wrecking your short game.




And everything in between.

Former Adams Superstar Wedge Designer spills the beans...

“The conventional wedge was never designed to open up the face-but I see every golfer on the planet doing it.

It’s wrecking their confidence and their short game.

This super-loft wedge has the high flop shot built right into the design-without ever opening and manipulating the face to get the ball in the air.

You can hit a flop shot with a square face using a simple chipping motion”

H7 Hummingbird Wedge

  • Take the guesswork out and fly to hole
  • Eliminate the bump and run—never putt off the green again
  • Use a simple chipping motion with no hands
  • Straight back and straight through
  • Graphics on the face that help you swing it right at the target
  • Never open the face as the loft is built right in
  • Large forgiving face built for high lob shots
  • Air x sole that never digs and glides along turf and sand
  • Never take a full swing to get the ball in the air

Traditional wedge Flop Shot Flaws

  • Open the Face- Aim left – and take a huge swing
  • Sole that digs into the dirt causing fat shots
  • Not enough loft to hit high lofts, so forces you to open the face
  • Small face size and tiny sweet spot
  • Flat lie angle forces you to swing around your body, so the clubface is never square through impact zone
  • Forces you to use your wrists and unreliable tiny muscles
  • Leading Edge bounces into the ball when the clubface is open causing rocket blades that send the ball over the green

Traditional Wedge forces you to aim left -- open the face and take a full swing to get the ball in the air?

Never swing hard again to hit soft high lob shots that stop and spin -- right by the pin.

There’s no need to swing as hard as the pros do when the loft is automatically built in the wedge.

Here's the ugly truth.

The traditional shaped wedge used for flop shots by the pros and amateurs today requires the hands of a skilled surgeon to pull off...

The head is small....tiny

You have to open the face wide open

Sweetspot is the size of a dime.

The sole is thin and digs right into the ground. No wonder most amateurs struggle with high lofted shots using the traditional smaller wedge design on the market today.

Open-faced conventional wedge

H7 Hummingbird Wedge

This “brought back from the dead” new category of wedge called super-loft wedge is not for everyone.

It's the golfer that has experienced these type of on-course meltdowns

Get out of every bunker in one shot without opening the
face. The Air-X super-wide sole glides along the sand without
digging and will easily clear the lip of any bunker.

You'll surprise yourself the first time you step up and hit an impossible “Phil-style” flop shot.

You'll shave strokes off your score as your short game becomes consistent and predictable—for the first time ever.

You may even start hoping for your ball to land this side of the bunker…

Just so you can step up confidently, carry the sand and stick your shot a few feet from the pin.

And get ready for your golf buddies to say things like, “Wow. How'd you do that?” before they start asking YOU for flop-shot pointers.

Open-faced conventional wedge

H7 Hummingbird Wedge

Award-winning Engineer (previously with Adams and Taylor Made) Jeff Halstead is the mastermind behind this Super-Loft wedge.

"I have been in the golf business and directly involved with product development for PING, Adams Golf, Yes! Golf and other manufacturers. This product is one of the rare breakthroughs in design and function that will help golfers of levels hit high lob shots around the green. Using the loft built into the club with a simpler/straighter motion is a game-changer. This club will make golf more fun and that’s what design innovation should be all about."

-- Blair Phillip

Miracle Shot Story…

  • "Every year I take a trip with my College Buds.
  • We have done this for over 20 years and its a great way to stay in touch with old friends.
  • This year we decided to play golf—just a quick 9 at a local course in Oregon.
  • My good friend is a 32+ handicap and never plays.
  • I told him about our new wedge and said “we’ll try it on the course".
  • He was shocked when he saw the loft at 70 degrees but he had to try it.
  • So we are on Hole #4 and keep in mind—He can barely make contact with the ball at times and hardly finishes a hole.
  • Seriously…
  • He’s over the green by 15 yards with ZERO chance to get it close.
  • No green to work with- Pin cut within 8 feet.
  • Short sided...
  • Can barely see the pin below the green….
  • In thick rough….
  • 20-yard shot.
  • Odds that a 32+ handicap would get this on the green = low.
  • I said—"Try this new wedge".
  • Handed him the H7 Hummingbird and he smiled.
  • He set up square.
  • Used a simple straight back and straight through motion.
  • He set up square.
  • Used a simple straight back and straight through motion.
  • Didn’t open the face.
  • And all of the sudden— We see this towering lob shot come from behind the green and lands super soft...
  • And right by the hole!
  • The guys in the group started yelling and couldn’t believe it and everyone wanted to try this wedge.
  • It’s fun to use and it works!"
  • -- Andy - 44-Year-Old Dentist from North Carolina 32 Handicap

Risk-free guarantee: Try it for 60 days.

If you don’t hit high lob shots on command (using a simple straight-back and straight-through chipping swing) that stop right by the hole- I insist you ask for your money back.

Sounds too good to be true, right?

Imagine flying everything right to the hole and taking the guesswork out of the short game.

No more guessing on bump and runs shot or putting from off the green hoping for the right speed.

That's I’m inviting you to order the H7 Hummingbird wedge designed by a Golf Digest Hotlist winner, take it for a spin over the next 60 days, and return it for a full refund if you’re not utterly and completely satisfied.

Order your H7 Hummingbird Wedge right now and hit it to your heart’s content for the next 60 days.

Use it on the course, the range, the chipping area, or the back yard, from any lie you can find or create. And don’t worry about scuffing it up.

If you don’t see IMMEDIATE & DRAMATIC IMPROVEMENT in your high-lofted flop shots.

If you're not INSTANTLY able to pull off high flop shot that stop right by the pin using a much simpler straight-back and straight-through swing.

Watch the buddies look on you face the very first time you through this baby in the air and it one hop stops right by the pin.

Or how about the next time you are short-sided and you use your simple chipping swing to fly one right to the pin and it stops inches from the hole.

Imagine never opening the face again to hit those high towering shots over the bunkers.

Picture this —you're in jail with no green to work with.

Everyone thinks your dead, but here comes the Hummingbird that lands as soft as a feather right by the hole for an easy par.

What will your buddies think when you fly everything to hole like Phil and not rely on that unpredictable bump and run shot.

Never aim left -- open the face and take a monster swing to hit a high shot again.

If you're not 100%, over-the-moon thrilled with your new H7 Hummingbird–- for any reason (or none at all)...

Simply send it back and we'll refund every penny (less shipping & handling).

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to get used to the SuperLoft wedge?

Great question.

It’s engineered for the amateur golfer and not the pros. Say goodbye to aiming left opening the face and swing left.

If you can make a straight back and straight through chipping motion than you can use this wedge.

Most golfers pick it up right away as the loft is already built in the wedge. This is going to open your eyes because now all shots are possible around the green.

What is the benefit of the oversized face and how to do use the square alignment guide on the face?

The effective sweet spot is almost 2x the size of a traditional wedge.


Because when you open a traditional wedge and manipulate the loft you are actually reducing the face size by almost 50 %

Traditional wedge was never built to open up and it's one of the main reasons you blade the ball as it adds bounce to the wedge.

What shots do I hit with this H7 Hummingbird?

Bunker shots

Lob shots

Flop shots

Any high lofted shot you need to hit inside of 90 yards. Any shot that you need to his.

There are no limits on your short-game if you can fly it right to the pin and stop it.

It’s built for those high lofted shots that you need to stop. Never be short-sided again.

Does the clubface remain square the entire swing?


The Magic of the H7 Hummingbird is that the high loft is already built into the wedge.

You don’t need to open the face and manipulate the loft with your hands.

No reason to aim left and you don’t have to help the ball in the air.

The wedge does it all for you.

Just set up square and hit towering flop shots that stop inches from the hole.

I see 3 lofts 70, 64 and 58 – which should I buy?

All lofts will have you covered for any shot you could possibly face within 100 yards of the pin.

The 70 degree is engineered for high lob/flop shots within 35 yards of the green from the turf or sand using a square straight back and straight through motion.

The 64 degree is perfect for any shot where high loft is desired - over bunkers, shrubs, hills - and a soft loft landing in a range of 30-70 yards.

The 58 degree is engineered for high lob shots straight back and straight through motion from 40-100 yards of the green.

Getting all 3 lofts will put your short game on steroids and there is no shot you can’t hit when

You can fly it straight to the pin and stop it right by the hole

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